Thursday, September 7th, 2006...3:08 pm

Some things I like. Some things I do not like.
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Some things I like.

Since having baked the chocolate chestnut cake, I have developed a taste for all things marron. I picked up these minature tubs of vanilla-scented, chestnut goo, but I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with it. Apparently you can have it with yoghurt and ice cream, but I opted to slather it on toast, and it is lovely.


Go buy some. If you like sweet chestnutty things.

Some things I do not like.

That would be knitting, then.

Here is my nomination for the frog pond, as per my previous post.


It’s Maggie, bless her heart. I’ve experienced a slow, dawning realisation, that I just don’t like the pattern any more. It doesn’t help that my knitting of it is crap. But, truly, I think there’s too much going on – curved fronts and garter stitch borders, funny lapel things. It’s obviously not going to look good on my 34 E bust. It would look nice on my mum, who has something approaching the model’s frame (albeit somewhat shorter), but I’d look awful in it.

I’ve got a couple of ideas of what to do with the Rowan Wool Cotton. I’ll post more on that shortly. Incidentally, the WIP which is second closest to the frog pond is also a Rowan Wool Cotton project. Maybe I should steer clear of the stuff…?

I also do not like this…

Log cabin square

It’s my first log cabin square. I’m not sure why I don’t like it, but I don’t. Anyway, I’ve got the urgent, must-do-frantic-log-cabin-knitting urges out of my system, and now I can actually sit down and look at my stash and think about what would look nice, rather than being impulsive.

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  • So happy to have you join the Frog-Along!

    How did you find me? I’m insanely curious. Was lucky enough to visit your part of the world a few years back, and would LOVELOVELOVE to come back and prowl about again. Typical American, I fell in love with the scenery in “Notting Hill” and was determined to visit, and when we did, we were not disappointed.

    Great blog, too. Looking forward to seeing the Maggie undone (I love green, too), but the Log Cabin iSquare is so Cubist! Wouldn’t it work as one side of a bag or a gifty something-or-other?