Saturday, May 31st, 2014...3:23 am

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I miss writing for this blog.

The best corrective is, I suppose, to just write. If technology existed to scribe posts composed in my head, many a phantom post would be a reality, but I am an over-thinker and over-editor. I have so little free time that, if I want to have this record of things made and seen and thought, I just need to type and post, type and post, type and post.

It seems unlikely that I will have anything crafty to write about for a while. Most of my very limited spare moments are spent making resources for Spike who does a lot of his learning at home. Still, perhaps that might be of interest to some. The focus of the blog was changing, anyway.

In the new spirit, here is a postcard I drew for Spike. His school have asked us to send a postcard addressed to our children at school. They will use them as a stimulus for a letter writing exercise. Spike needs highly-motivating materials to engage with at school. Logos are his particular fascination.

I used a lovely Blackwing pencil, a black pigment pen and Prismacolor markers.

Spike's postcard

In other news, I need to work out how to adjust the white balance on my new camera…

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