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Her name was Lola
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Finally, all the baby knitting I have been working on is becoming declassified and I can archive it here.  The recipient of the following garment was born almost two years to the day that my own darling boy arrived.  I only got to hand it over a week ago, although I have sized it for the coming autumn, so there was no hurry.

DROPS b13-3 cardigan

The pattern is the rather unimaginatively named b13-3 (Ravelry link) from DROPS design.  The cardigan is of a very simple construction and it is wise to go with your gut and common sense when the slightly wonky translation throws you.

The grey yarn is alpaca from a shop in Copenhagen and typically I ran out before the end.  Why is it always the difficult-to-get-hold-of yarns which don’t quite go the distance?  Anyway, disaster was averted via the deployment of some rather snazzy German sock yarn.  The kimono-style flap makes this garment deceptively yarn hungry, so I think quite a few people have been caught out by a lack of yardage.

DROPS b13-3 cardigan

It almost looks like I planned it, eh?

Aside from a few pattern nuances getting lost in translation, I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this.  I like the origami-style construction, the mindless garter stitch, the crochet embellishment and the happy pairing of yarn and pattern.  I liked it so much, I’ve cast on another in Koigu KPM.

DROPS b13-3 cardigan

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