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Spike Goes to Nursery School – the novel
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In a brief segue from usual crafty topics…

Our dear boy, Spike, currently has a working diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder so life is currently a whirl of assessments, appointments and sessions of one kind or another.

There are obviously long term concerns which we are only beginning to come to terms with. However, there are also real challenges looming just around the corner. I feel woefully under-prepared and under-skilled to deal with them, but we’re doing the best we can. Nursery School is one such challenge. I do not want to underestimate Spike and I hope to be pleasantly surprised, but we are expecting that he’ll find the transition more difficult than the average toddler. So, how to prepare him?

We walk past Spike’s nursery school frequently and talk about it to him. He has attended a New Starters’ Afternoon, but that was at the beginning of the month and he doesn’t start until mid-September, so I doubt that will help a great deal. I decided he needed a more concrete idea of what “Nursery School” is, so I made him a little book.

Spike Goes to Nursery School

Who knows whether it will help. Spike’s delayed speech/language means we can’t be sure whether he is taking it in. I do hope so.

Spike Goes to Nursery School

Spike Goes to Nursery School

Spike Goes to Nursery School

I used Bob Books. The end product is exactly what I wanted and I am happy with it. However, it was tough going putting it together. The software is not user-friendly. Not on a Mac, anyway. It wasn’t cheap either, at GBP14.99 (not including P&P). If anyone knows of a company which has a similar range of photo book products in the UK, do let me know. I expect we’ll make more of these books and I don’t want to have to endure that software again!

I doubt a silly book will mean he rocks up on day one and makes himself part of the furniture, but if it makes it a tiny bit less confusing, then, that’s a good thing.

With my mind busy, I am still managing to knit quite a bit and have finished a little something, but the recipient has not made his debut appearance yet, so I’ll keep schtum for now. I have started a little project which I can show though.

Little Ivanhoe

The picture was snapped on my iPhone, blindly, in full sunlight, so it’s not great. Hopefully, you get the idea. Little Ivanhoe is knitting up beautifully in Patricia Roberts Fine Cotton, but it’s slow going on tiny needles. I am not a great fan of purling and this is a 6 row pattern repeat of which ONE of those rows is knit! I don’t know what I was thinking. I know I’ll finish it though, as I love it.

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