Tuesday, September 30th, 2008...9:10 am

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Ok, ok.  I’ve been away for a looooonnnnngg time BUT I have news and craft for you.

Firstly, in the grand tradition of bloggers who mysteriously absent themselves for longer than usual…

I’m going to have a baby!  It’s due towards the end of March next year which makes me just over 15 weeks at the moment.  It’s so exciting / wonderful / terrifying for us.  Life has been a whirl over the last few months.  Thankfully, I have been very well – no morning sickness, just a little tiredness but of course, in my head it’s a different story(!)

I’m working through the mental chaos by applying myself to knitting and sewing.  My lovely mum brought me a new sewing machine for my birthday.  I used to have an entry level Brother machine, but it was glitchy and not good with anything other than the lightest fabric.  I now have a lovely Janome which whirrs along like a dream.  I first used it for my most ambitious sewing project to date – a baby quilt.

It’s so far from perfect, it’s untrue, but I love it all the same.  I still have to blind stitch the binding, but then it’s nearly done.  I made it from my old work shirts.  There was something very satisfying about cutting them up!

My binding is a continuation of the backing, I have just folded it over.  Consequently, the ends of my quilting stitching are visible and unsightly.  I think, as a final touch, I’ll need to sew on some ric-rac or tape to hide the ends.  I guess I should have sewn on a separate binding.

The knitting, is of course, all baby-orientated.  I have been making efforts to find gender neutral patterns, but it’s quite difficult.  I’ve been told that vests are good baby garments, because you can slip them on easily over their baby gro/onesie.  I thought that the vest below looked quite neutral, but since knitting it, I think it looks a touch girly.  Perhaps I should have used a slightly more rustic yarn?  I might hold off knitting more garments until we know whether it is a boy or a girl!

In the meantime, I can get busy with the baby socks.  Yaay!  Small socks!  That’s what we like.  I’m also knitting a little cot blanket.  I wanted to use nice, rich colours and this season’s Rowan Pure Wool DK colourways came up trumps.

It’s just a simple feather and fan stitch, which I find quite enjoyable to knit.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff in my Ravelry queue which I can’t wait to cast on for, but the thing I am most looking forward to is *this* workshop at the Make Longe.  I love the effect binding gives to sewing, but I don’t know how to apply it, and the bib and slippers look so cute!

I should have plenty to blog about if this creative urge continues.


  • Congratulations!!! That is fabulous news :)

  • Congratulations! All of your projects look wonderful. Baby things are so much fun to knit.

  • yay, congrtulations!

  • Congratualtions! My first was born at the end of March, a very good time to be born, I am sure. have you seen the pattern for the “wraplan”? That is a pretty cute gender nuetral pattern (I think). And of course, there are the booties/socks…

  • Wow, congratulations!! How exciting. That’s wonderful news.

    What a lot of lovely things you’ve been making – the quilt is beautiful, and I love all the colours you’ve been knitting with. I don’t think the vest is girly – the blue is a lovely deep shade, and the pattern is sort of like a tiny mini-cobblestone sweater! I think it will work either way, for sure.

    I’ve been thinking for *ages* that the Make Lounge looks fantastic, and I’m very keen to support them. Look forward to hearing about how you get on!

  • Noo! That’s such wonderful news!!! Many, many happy wishes to both (all three?) of you =)

  • I LOVE the quilt – and how sweet that it so soundly signifies the closing of one chapter and the opening of another. Many, many congratulations (again).

  • Ohh Noo, that is such wonderful news!!! I am so excited for you!!! Congratulations to you both! :-)

    That makes me only 9 weeks ahead of you! :-) I’m glad you also, like me, are not having morning sickness. I think I’ve only been stomach sick 4 times in my life and when I found out I was pregnant I was dreading the moment I’d develop a “face to face” relationship with the toilet! Luckily, I didn’t!!

    Keep us up-to-date (contrary to me, I’ve been a real slacker with the blog!) – a big hug to both of you and a gentle tap on your baby bump! :-)

  • Oh God! Congratulations!

    I have lost my blog list and am slowly rebuilding it, and here I come to see your news: and you’re having a baby!!!

    Best wishes of happiness to the little one and the proud parents!

  • Just flicked through your recent posts and… CONGRATULATIONS!! That’s wonderful news!

    I love the quilt, and have fun with the baby knitting. I love how quickly things knit up when they are for babies…

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